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​​"When a person creatively expresses themself in a manner that transcends only thought, it forces their deepest, most innate human workings to come together and forge a connection between their mind, body, and spirit. It is a uniquely therapeutic and resonating experience that is truly one of a kind."

James W. Ouderkirk

Recovering Alcoholic

Creator of Project Dandelion

~  ~  ~

Project Dandelion is a recovery based, communal, creative art and writing book project with broad therapeutic aspirations and financial incentive. The main goal is to encourage people who are in the challenging, uncomfortable space of recovery, especially early recovery, to engage with creative art and writing as a therapeutic tool within their recovery journey.

Anyone in recovery is welcome to get involved!

The book is being created by people who are in recovery, for people who are in recovery. Whether you have 24 hours, 24 weeks, or 24 years (or more!) of sobriety from drugs and alcohol, you may participate! There is no financial cost to become a member, submit your work, or qualify for the financial incentive.

Submit your original poems, paintings, stories, drawings, sketches, photography, comics, cartoons, computer graphics, journal entries, crafts, sculptures and any other form of creative art or writing!


The theme of the book represents 5 of the most essential elements of beginning and maintaining a healthy and fulfilling recovery; healing, growth, inspiration, enlightenment, and empowerment. Whether you wish to create and submit work for publication, or sit back and enjoy the completed book, everyone can work on attaining and realizing those elements by engaging with Project Dandelion.

Work by folks in addiction treatment centers is highly encouraged for both it's therapeutic value in early recovery and because the more raw the material, the more of an impression it will make on you and the rest of the recovery community.

There is a shortage of creative outlets within addiction treatment centers and Project Dandelion aims to fix that. The hope is this grows into a movement within the recovery community and helps to raise awareness about the need and benefits of creative therapy for those struggling. We aspire for it to become a known addiction treatment center "coffee table book" that generates many editions and opportunities, furthering awareness and providing inspiration and hope on a regular basis to recovery newcomers and addiction treatment centers.

Entries will be accepted beginning

September 30, 2022;

National Recovery Day!

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