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How to Get Involved

~ Become a Member ~
~ The Dandy Discussion Board ~

~ Apply to become a Project Dandelion Evaluator ~

Become a Project Dandelion Member

Sign up for free to become a member of our website and:

~ Upload/submit your work ~
~ Apply to become a Project Dandelion Evaluator of works ~
~ Create a profile, public or private ~
~  Connect with other members ~
~ Access and post to The Dandy Discussion Board ~

The Dandy Discussion Board

Once you are a member, you can access the forum and post discussion topics, questions, comments, and anything else you'd like relating to Project Dandelion. This is a great way to connect with other members.

Apply to Become a Project Dandelion Evaluator

Once you become a member, you may complete an application to become a part of the Project Dandelion team as an Evaluator of submitted works. Evaluators will be highly qualified professionals who are well versed, well read, and experienced in the fields of addiction recovery, visual arts, and literary arts. The identity and a brief qualifying background of each Evaluator will be made known to the public. The project will consist of 5 evaluators who will evenly split 20% of the book sale profits for the first 10 years of publication.
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